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4 Accessories You May Need for Firefighting Pumps

Several accessories can optimise the performance of firefighting pumps that have been installed in commercial buildings. This article discusses some of the crucial accessories that you should consider buying in case you have fire fighting pumps in your commercial building.

Remote Signalling Panel

It is often difficult to monitor the key parameters of firefighting pumps because many of those pumps are located in places that aren't frequently visited, such as machine rooms in the basement of buildings. Such pumps can easily be monitored if one installs a remote signalling panel. This panel can be installed in a section of the building that is easily accessible, such as in a hallway. The panel can enable you to know several things at a glance, such as whether the pump is receiving power or whether it is set to start running automatically. This panel can also provide an audible alert in case there is a malfunction in the firefighting pump. Such alerts can enable you to take remedial action before a fire emergency occurs.

Anti-Vibration Couplings

You can also buy and install anti-vibration couplings if you own firefighting pumps. Those couplings can be installed on the suction or discharge lines of the system. They help to absorb most of the vibrations that are generated as the pumps are operating. This dampening can help to prolong equipment life since critical components will be shielded from the negative effects of vibrations.

Flow Meter

A flow meter is usually installed on one of the branch lines that are carrying water from the firefighting pump. This meter can be instrumental in helping you to detect when your system is working at less than its expected capacity when you conduct performance tests. You can then investigate why the flow rate is lower or higher than expected so that appropriate action can be taken to protect the pump system.

Priming Tanks

Some firefighting pumps cannot start without being primed. Priming is usually done by manually pouring water into the priming unit before starting the pump. This method is tedious and time-consuming. You can automate this process by installing a priming tank for each of your firefighting pumps. These priming tanks are available in different capacities depending on the size of the pumps to which they will be attached.

Not all firefighting pumps will require all the accessories above. You therefore need to talk to a pump expert so that he or she can identify which accessories will provide the greatest value for your firefighting pumps. That system will then perform better and last longer when it is supported by those selected accessories.